Essential Dirt Bike Gears Every Motocross Rider Must Have

One of the most important things to keep in id if you’re a dirt bike rider is to never ride without wearing the complete gear. Motocross is a lot different than regular driving. Because of its adrenaline-pumping nature, there are plenty of risk factors to watch out such as speed higher chances of crash. To be on the safe side, here are the basic dirt bike gears every motocross rider can’t live without.

Motocross Helmet

One of the essential safeties gears every motorcycle rider must have is a helmet. However, a motocross helmet is a lot different from regular riding helmets. Motocross helmets are properly fitted all over the rider’s head. It also has a sun visor to keep your eyes protected from glares and bright lights. The chin part is also extended to keep the rider safe from debris and provide extra protection from crashes. Investing in a quality helmet is important since it protects the most important part of the body; the head.


Dirt bike riders know how important goggles are when driving down a dirt track. It keeps your eyes safe from debris or rocks churned by other bikes. Aside from that, it also provides you better visibility through a dusty track. Choose high quality ones such as dragon goggles and make sure to fit together with your helmet to check if they’re comfortable to wear or has good fit.

Dirt Bike Gloves

Gloves are important in keeping your hands comfortable during intense and long drives. Also, it provides better grip and protection from burns and blisters. Be sure to pick gloves that fit snugly so they don’t get caught up on bike levers and compromise your driving. There are different sizes of gloves to choose from so you’ll surely have one that fits you. Padded gloves provide extra protection to your hands especially during crashes. If you’re more particular of comfort, lightweight gloves might suit your preferences.


Motocross riders know what possible injuries can happen to their feet if something goes wrong. Good thing there are motocross boots to protect the feet. Aside from protection against debris, your boots also keep the feet steady to prevent ankle and leg twists. Make sure it has a sturdy sole to make it comfortable when stepping on foot pegs. Also, be sure to pick the right size for comfort and full protection.

Body Gear

Aside from those 4 gears that protect the head and limbs, you should never forget to wear protective gears for the body. Body armour is worn under the rider’s jersey and is meant to absorb or redirect impact forces during falls or accidents. Elbow and knee guards are also important to keep these parts safe from cuts, abrasions, sprains and other injuries. Motocross shirts and pants are uniquely designed for the needs of riders. They are made from tough material that wicks moisture and provide better ventilation.

There are plenty of brands to choose from when it comes to motocross gears. Always remember to keep quality first when shopping for one.

What to consider before you buy a car in Singapore

Having a car has a lot of perks, but the cost of it should be one of the considerations before you decide. Although cars have become more affordable today, considering there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the type of car you plan on getting depending on the car company, there are still other expenses that are entailed in owning one. So these are the things you need to consider before you buy a car in Singapore.


Of course, budget should be the main priority when you plan on buying one. Often times, first time car owners can tend to splurge on the additional features that can be added once you are offered for a deal. But you need to be sensible when it comes to this one, and stay firm with your budget.


Your budget should be within your capacity, especially if you plan on paying for the car on a monthly basis for the next five years. Other than the price itself, there are other things that you will need to pay such as the certificate of entitlement which gives you the right to own and use a car in Singapore. You should know the latest coe bidding results to get an idea as to how much these bid prices will usually go. So when it comes to renewing your coe, you have prepared yourself and your bank account as to how much money it should have.


Functions and features

When you consider buying a car, you should always ask yourself what you really need, and do you need it. An important example for this one is that should you buy a SUV wherein you will be the only one who would usually use it or just stick to a sedan. Other than that, you should choose a car that will actually fit your lifestyle. Prepare yourself with the features that you need and the features that you are looking for, in that way, you are able to get a good idea as to what type of car you should be driving.

Shop around

While you may be surrounded with friends that have the same brand of car, chances are you will become bias and likely get the same brand of car. Research some of the cars from other companies to best suit your preference as this will help you in comparing the prices, functions, and features that it has.


Buying a car has a lot of responsibilities, and can be a little too heavy for your pocket.  It would be best of your interest to actually invest first on what you actually need rather than on things that attracts you the most. In that way, you are able to make adjustments as to whether you should consider getting the added feature installed or not.




How to maintain your vehicle for a longer usage

You have finally bought the car of your dreams. Now it is your plan and wish to make it last forever in the best possible condition. In order to make that a reality you have to know how to properly maintain it. Even if it is a sedan or an SUV, there are certain dos and don’ts to follow with any vehicle.

Drive with care


When you drive the car remember that you are not taking it for a spin as you did when you were at the auto store making the purchase. This is the vehicle which gets you from point A to B and driving it with care is important. Refrain from racing the engine during startup. That is a fast way to add a few years of wear and tear to the engine specifically if the climate is colder outside. When you begin to drive, make sure to accelerate slowly. Remember the most damage or ageing to the engine occurs in the first 10 to 20 minutes of the drive. Even though we are all prone to traffic, letting the engine idle after warming it is not a good idea. That will result in partial fuel combustion and depositing of soot on the walls of the cylinder. It can also lead to soot contamination, hence making the relevant components damaged.


Myths or not?


There are some facts which people think of as myths sometimes. But remember if you see the fuel tanker at the local fuel station, where you source gas for your vehicle, it is not a very good idea to have the car refilled. Usually the fuel is stored in the tanks underground. At that momentwhen a tanker is there it means those underground storage tanks are being filled. The turbulence at the situation can rock the sediment and mix them with the gas which you are going to put into your vehicle. If it happens, those debris can block the fuel filters and injectors, probably resulting in bad performance. Long lasting results can lead to permanent damages.

What if you are stuck?


Getting stuck is not a new thing for vehicle owners. If and when you get stuck in snow or may be mud, don’t worsen the problem by trying on your own to get out. Rocking the vehicle gently to try to free the car is ok. However, if things look as though the car is really stuck, stop with the rocking. Trying to get out by accelerating forward or reversing and spinning the tyres at high speeds will lead way to generate a large amount of heat which will make more trouble. It will be cheaper and easier to call 24-7 emergency towing service rather than taking a risk in a gigantic repair bill.

Make your vehicle an investment, not another cost. Take proper care of it and you will see the results in the long run.




Essential things to remember when renting a car:

A lot of people who travel prefer to rent a car as compared to taking public transport. Well there are many advantages to think about when renting a car and besides it is a straightforward thing to do if you are visiting another country. Renting a car is part of a travel experience however it can be easy and also complicated at certain times. The process of renting a car per se is very simple and the complicated part is the budget and the different rates that you have to choose from. You will most likely be presented with a lot of options and terms and conditions which can be very confusing and overwhelming. So here are some practical things to consider when renting a car in another country.

  1. Look for a trusted car rental rewards program- This tip is highly recommended for people who use their credit card a lot. Most credit card companies have tie ups or partnerships with some of the worlds most reputable car rental service. You can sign up for them and enjoy amazing discounts and other perks as you arrive at your destination country. You may check out car rental singapore east side for different car models that will fit in your budget.


  1. Take time to inspect your car from the inside and out- Most of the time clients do not bother checking the car because they just want to get to the road and arrive at their destination. However it is is essential for you to do a quick visual inspection of the vehicle and be on the lookout for any damages such as scratches, dents that are showing on the car (which can happen at certain times). Make sure that the car rental company is aware of the physical condition of the car before giving it to you. You do not want to be liable for paying the damages on the car especially if it has been there prior to you renting it.

  1. Check for multiple insurance options- A lot of credit card companies offer car insurance for rental cars. This will give you the option to choose for better insurance deals that is worth the price. Make sure to go over different car rental insurance policies before accepting it.


  1. Do not agree for the car company to shoulder refuelling cost- Mos car companies make a lot of profit with this kind of option. Upon paying your bill you will be surprised that they have charged you three or four times more than the average fuel cost in the market. It is better if you pay for your fuel rather than charge it on the car rental company.


Accessories that will Make Your Beat down Car Feel Outright Luxurious

Unless you are a millionaire already, you probably can’t afford the luxury vehicle of your dreams. But you can get BMW or Benz like functionality for your humble car with accessories and gadgets like the following:

Driving Assistant

Sure, you probably can’t afford a vehicle with partial self-driving capabilities, yet. But you can separately purchase driving assistants that plug into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. This port is available on any vehicle manufacturer after 1996.

A driving assistant is kind of like a smarter GPS. It usually comes with an app you can view on your car’s screen or your mounted smartphone. Other than giving directions, driving assistant programs can decipher features of your car like engine lights on the dashboard. These can dial emergency services in case of an accident, much like a car monitor. This is as close to the future as you get for now.

Mirror Camera

High-quality reversing cameras in cars is a necessary feature. Most cameras come with their own monitor, which is handy. But what if you could get your camera vision in the rear-view mirror?

Modern dash cams can give you footage not just on screens, but on mirrors as well. Some products have touchscreen features. Luxury vehicles already come installed with such semi-smart cameras. But you can install a kit from scratch on your vehicle to feel as if you are driving a Benz.

Smart Car Monitor

In the past, you had to check your car’s health on your own. But a smart car monitor automatically does this and alerts you if your car is running into trouble. For example, if your battery is draining fast, the monitor will alert you right away.

Some car monitoring devices offer extra perks, like auto texting your emergency contacts if you have an accident. No prompting is required. Essentially, this device can give your budget vehicle model a luxury-grade monitoring feature.

HUD Projector

Have you seen those sci-fi movies where the windscreen in a car is a major display? We are not there yet, but close enough. A heads-up display (HUD) projector can project your smartphone screen to the windscreen right in front of you.

You can buy the projector, which comes with a corresponding app. Most HUD gadgets work with both Android and iOS devices. You need to mount your smartphone, and then use the projector to get the display on your windscreen (or any other part of your vehicle). And then it’s like driving in the future.

Tyre Safety Monitors

Think Ferrari drivers check tyre pressure using their hands and pennies still? Nope. A tyre safety monitor can auto detect inflation or deflation issues in the wheels. You can get an analysis on your smartphone or the car’s dashboard.

Plus, some safety monitor gadgets and anti-theft systems to protect your wheels from thieves. Most bundle multiple features, like charging ports for other devices.

Rooftop Hammock

Not a gadget, but a rooftop hammock can basically turn your car into a tropical getaway on wheels. Rooftop hammocks can be fully assembled and attached to the roof of your vehicle. It’s not a hammock carrier, but an actual hammock on your vehicle.

You might not want to drive to work with this on your car. But on weekends, what could be better?

What’s not to like about the gadgets and accessories mentioned above? You can purchase most for affordable prices and incredibly improve the functionality of your vehicle.

What to Do After the Death of Old Faithful

After reading this title, how many of you thought that this was a story about you pets? But would this title seem wrong to you if I said that this topic was about a vehicle you owned? I’m sure most of you will think, “ah yeah” and agree that this title is still very fitting to talk about a car as well as a pet. For most of us, we treat our cars as very loyal, very faithful and ever loving companion and in some cases, cared for more than their own loved ones. The reason for this is not too hard to understand when you look at why it a car might get this title. They are most often very dependable and would keep running no matter what, and in the worst of cases, do its best to protect us from other cars in accident situations. Taking these into consideration, it hardly a surprise at all.

But what can we do when it comes time to get rid of the car? If you are lucky, that time will come for you while the car is still running well and you can sell it off to someone who will take care of the car as best possible and close to or better than how you took care of it. however, there are sad situations, where this is not possible as the car is either too old and rusty or because it has met with a fetal accident and has no further reusable value except when scrapped. In this case you hope for the best singapore car scrap value that you can get for the car and hope that your insurance company will pay you the proper or full amount. Because after you right off a car, you have very little that you can do except buy a new one and to do that you would need some good money out of the old car.

If you are lucky the scrap yard will take and give you money for the whole car or the weight of the whole car. However, it is also highly likely that the scrap yard will pull out all the plastic and leather and upholstery and give you an appropriate value based on the recyclable or scrapable value for each material component bits. In this case you are not likely to get too much money, but you will get some money and the best you can do is hope that the amount you got is enough to help you along to a newer and better car.



The benefits of selling your old car

There will always come a time when a car reaches its peak, meaning it will be no more functional to the driver. It’s a common scenario, even for well-maintained cars. Eventually, you’d have to abandon your old model, as it is the case with most car owners. However, instead of just leaving it be on your garage, you can actually make a profit from your scrap cars, and here’s more reasons why you should sell them.


If you have a car that’s more troublesome than useful but you still want to cling on to, maybe you’d spend plenty of cash just for a few more miles of travel. The total amount you put in may even surpass the price of actually buying a new automobile. So instead of you losing money from lots of repairs, you can make a money of your own if you sell your car! Estimate the condition of your car by asking from different scrap yards and get the best car scrap value.

More space

Probably one of the problems you might have to encounter is having enough space in your garage if you have multiple cars. And it is kind of worrisome to find a place to accommodate new cars without giving up the old ones that you probably haven’t used for quite a while. Or if you don’t intend on buying new models, you may still find some useful thing to do with all the space you got. And you won’t have to bother about possible parking fines or rental fees for keeping a car too long on storage facilities just because you can’t drive it no more.

Helpful to the environment

Admit it, cars aren’t really that ideal to be a friend of the natural surroundings. However, it can be an environment’s worse enemy if you keep driving an irreparable one. Old models may have high tendencies of fluid leakage that may be harmful and contaminate the place you use it on. And if you just leave it be, it’s not helping the environment as well. But selling them to scrap yards will give your old car the opportunity to have value again by reusing parts of it that are still functional. Or instead of directing your car into a landfill, scrap yards are a way better option as they observe proper disposal procedures that adhere to the local regulations. So whether you’re an environment freak or not, scrapping is tge choice to go.

Letting go of your old vehicles isn’t the first image you pictured when you acquired your own drive. But you know that eventually you’re going to have to come to this after years of traversing the road. However, scrapping is actually a good idea when your car has reached its peak. It is the best way of parting with your own car that will benefit you for many reasons.


Essential Things To Do Before Junking Your Car For Money

For beginners, it can be confusing and time-consuming to get the best deal for your car scrap. But in reality, you don’t have to get stressed about it. If you handle the things accordingly on your end while the junkyards do their job, the process will be smooth. Here are the essential things that you need to do before you sell your car on junk:


Look for Important Things that You Can Sell

If you are fine with the price of your car with the junkyard, you must turn it over to them in accordance with your deal. But if the price offered is not enough with its car scrap value, you can remove some important items on it. With this, you can make some money. For example, if you have expensive tires with tread remaining on them, you can buy balding tires. Then, swap it for more valuable tires. The battery of your car has resale value if it is still new. Recyclers will also pay for the lead found inside though it is old. Lastly, you can remove the stereo systems or the GPS since they are valuable too.

Remove All Personal Things

Our cars are like our houses. Over time, it can accumulate things. If you have your car for a long period of time, you can possibly forget about the items that you place inside your trunk. As you sell your vehicle to the junkyard, it is your task to remove all the personal items before the truck tows it. It is tempting to leave all your thing inside because you are too lazy to throw it away. But it can cause problems during the transaction. The junkyard is not a dumpster and the staffs are not expected to throw away your items inside. Check the bins and glove boxes if there is anything hiding on it. See whether there are essential items on the floor mats, visors, and seats. Do not leave your insurance cards just because you think you don’t need them anymore. It contains personal information and it can cause problems in the future.


Get Title in Order

Before junking the car, cancel the insurance and return the license plates. One of the important things to transfer the vehicle’s ownership is a valid title to the car. Indeed, you can sell the car even without a title but it can be harder. If you failed to transfer the ownership of the car unto the junkyard, you can face liabilities. Technically, you still own the car even though you have it hauled. Finally, it is best to ask questions with the authorities if you are unsure of the laws. With this, you will be guided and avoid facing legal issues.




What is important when you come for a holiday?

When you are travelling from country to country you might often have to commute using public transport. However, if you are pretty familiar with a country you can always just go and see a rental company which can help you to get your own vehicle for you to drive on. Today, there are many people who work and live abroad. However, when they come for a holiday it is actually no point in buying a vehicle, therefore, it would be wise to rent your own vehicle instead especially if you are just there for a short vacation. It would be absurd to buy your own car.

How to get a local’s help?

There are so many different kinds of places where you can go to get your cars for rent. However, you should speak to a local because it is essential to get the right prices for you. After all, you would most definitely want to get the right amount you have to spend. There are so many places where the prices vary. But, if you know where to look for, you can get some of the cheapest car leases Singapore can offer you. Because it can also take a long time to process the paperwork, you might want someone else to get it done for you.

Why is a car important when you are abroad?

A lot of people today need help and getting a car to drive is as important as your accommodation. The reason behind that is because, when you come to a country you must surely be able to drive a vehicle. Or else, you will waste a whole lot of money. Today, there are many people who really spend a lot of money on transport rather than their own accommodation because everything is expensive. That is why in the long run it would be better and wiser to get a rental rather than parading and wasting a whole lot of money on unnecessary expenses.

How to make a decision on a car?

Today, everything is money and the hardest part is trying to keep earning some money. There are so many ways as a matter of fact, to get your pocket money/salary. But, is it really enough? No matter how much you try to adjust and get your vehicle and housing done for you it can always be a mess and a trouble. There are so many different things which you must make sure you check for. When you buy a car you must understand and make a decision whether it is actually worth it or not.



Tips For Buying A Vehicle

We all dream of the day when we can afford to buy our own vehicle and for most of us, when this day rolls around, it doesn’t always feel very real and positive. Buying a vehicle is one of the best things that you can do as it will serve you well and it will be a great addition to your lifestyle if you decide to go ahead with the decision of buying a vehicle.
Vehicles are essential for us but if you’re somebody who is struggling to understand the process of buying a car, the tips that we have given down below will definitely help you in your endeavors to buy a car of your own.

Save The Money

There are two ways to go about this; you can go with the option of buying it through a loan or you can go with the option of saving up and then buying a vehicle so you do not have the responsibility of paying off your bills. Saving money can be done without much of a hassle if you have something specific in mind such as buying a vehicle or buying a household to live in. saving money is an essential life skill that everyone needs to know and embrace.

The Requirements

When it comes to different cars that you’ve seen on the website, they offer different lots of different options so we highly recommend buying a car that fits all of your requirements and does not disappoint you as it is once in a lifetime sort of decision that you will be making.
Everything from the color of the vehicle to the brand of the car matters so you shoulddefinitely check out all of these specifications before you go ahead with the gesture of buying yourself a car of your own without much of a hassle.

Go For Test Drive

You know your dream car when you ride it so it is very important to take some options of yours out for a spin and see what drives the best and feels the best for you. Going for a test drive will help you pick out a favorite car that you definitely want to purchase.
Going for a test drive in the cars is the ultimate way to narrow it down to one option as being behind the wheel and getting to see how the vehicle drives and operates will definitely help you to make an easy yet good decision. Buying a vehicle is a bit of a long and expensive process so we recommend doing it right on the first go and not leaving any room for error.