What to Do After the Death of Old Faithful

After reading this title, how many of you thought that this was a story about you pets? But would this title seem wrong to you if I said that this topic was about a vehicle you owned? I’m sure most of you will think, “ah yeah” and agree that this title is still very fitting to talk about a car as well as a pet. For most of us, we treat our cars as very loyal, very faithful and ever loving companion and in some cases, cared for more than their own loved ones. The reason for this is not too hard to understand when you look at why it a car might get this title. They are most often very dependable and would keep running no matter what, and in the worst of cases, do its best to protect us from other cars in accident situations. Taking these into consideration, it hardly a surprise at all.

But what can we do when it comes time to get rid of the car? If you are lucky, that time will come for you while the car is still running well and you can sell it off to someone who will take care of the car as best possible and close to or better than how you took care of it. however, there are sad situations, where this is not possible as the car is either too old and rusty or because it has met with a fetal accident and has no further reusable value except when scrapped. In this case you hope for the best singapore car scrap value that you can get for the car and hope that your insurance company will pay you the proper or full amount. Because after you right off a car, you have very little that you can do except buy a new one and to do that you would need some good money out of the old car.

If you are lucky the scrap yard will take and give you money for the whole car or the weight of the whole car. However, it is also highly likely that the scrap yard will pull out all the plastic and leather and upholstery and give you an appropriate value based on the recyclable or scrapable value for each material component bits. In this case you are not likely to get too much money, but you will get some money and the best you can do is hope that the amount you got is enough to help you along to a newer and better car.



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