How to maintain your vehicle for a longer usage

You have finally bought the car of your dreams. Now it is your plan and wish to make it last forever in the best possible condition. In order to make that a reality you have to know how to properly maintain it. Even if it is a sedan or an SUV, there are certain dos and don’ts to follow with any vehicle.

Drive with care


When you drive the car remember that you are not taking it for a spin as you did when you were at the auto store making the purchase. This is the vehicle which gets you from point A to B and driving it with care is important. Refrain from racing the engine during startup. That is a fast way to add a few years of wear and tear to the engine specifically if the climate is colder outside. When you begin to drive, make sure to accelerate slowly. Remember the most damage or ageing to the engine occurs in the first 10 to 20 minutes of the drive. Even though we are all prone to traffic, letting the engine idle after warming it is not a good idea. That will result in partial fuel combustion and depositing of soot on the walls of the cylinder. It can also lead to soot contamination, hence making the relevant components damaged.


Myths or not?


There are some facts which people think of as myths sometimes. But remember if you see the fuel tanker at the local fuel station, where you source gas for your vehicle, it is not a very good idea to have the car refilled. Usually the fuel is stored in the tanks underground. At that momentwhen a tanker is there it means those underground storage tanks are being filled. The turbulence at the situation can rock the sediment and mix them with the gas which you are going to put into your vehicle. If it happens, those debris can block the fuel filters and injectors, probably resulting in bad performance. Long lasting results can lead to permanent damages.

What if you are stuck?


Getting stuck is not a new thing for vehicle owners. If and when you get stuck in snow or may be mud, don’t worsen the problem by trying on your own to get out. Rocking the vehicle gently to try to free the car is ok. However, if things look as though the car is really stuck, stop with the rocking. Trying to get out by accelerating forward or reversing and spinning the tyres at high speeds will lead way to generate a large amount of heat which will make more trouble. It will be cheaper and easier to call 24-7 emergency towing service rather than taking a risk in a gigantic repair bill.

Make your vehicle an investment, not another cost. Take proper care of it and you will see the results in the long run.